Singer Cebu does not like inspectors taking bribe in Armenia (video)

American Armenian singer Sebu loves Armenia, its nature, architecture, and everything else. Of course, there are some things that he does not like. For example, motor vehicle inspectors who take bribes.

“I have always come in summer as a tourist,” he says. “Now I want to get to know Armenia more deeply, to communicate with young people, to study Armenian music, and especially Komitas, whom I adore.”

Cebu arrived in Armenia with his wife and two sons. “Raffi is baptized. This time my younger son, Hovhannes, will be baptized.”

On November 20, Serj Tankian’s famous production group, Viza, duduk player Jivan Gasparyan Jr. and rock singer Sebu will perform at the Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex on November 20. The idea belongs to Jivan.

After fifteen years of working with Viza, this is their second visit to Armenia. Sebu’s great desire is to organize charity concerts in Gyumri and Artsakh.

“I am very excited. I think that when people listen to the music they will like it and will dance; there will also be surprises. In a word, it will be a very great night.”