Sergey Bagratyan: You abuse our violence (video)

Samvel Khachatryan, Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications and IT, was annoyed with Sergey Bagratyan, Deputy of Tsarukyan faction, at the discussion of the draft amendments to the North-South Road Corridor Investment Program -2 and Program 3 credit agreements. “Who is responsible for the abuses in that road. Name those people. And, finally, when will the road construction be over?”

The Deputy Minister mentioned that he did not use the word abuse in his speech and he could not even talk about it. “You continue to say a monotonous, meaningless sentences, I ask you a simple question when will you fi-nish? AM I saying it clearly? Give me the expiration date,” even angrier said Sergey Bagratyan. In response, the Deputy Minister said that the completion of the program was scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

Then, in his speech, the MP stated that there was uncertainty about this whole project, and that would not be good. “Mr. Deputy Minister, your words contradict the Minister’s words. he said that the construction of the road could be finished in 1922, meanwhile, you say that it will be finished in 2019. It seems as if you want us to worry, first, you change the traffic signs, then you say that you have forgotten to install water-removing system. Was not the old road better? You abuse our patience.”