Vahagn Tevosyan: The behavior of the bears, their reactions are very disappointing (video)

A few days ago, the bear of El Garden restaurant complex was taken to Urtsadzor Wildlife Rescue Center. We asked Vahagn Tevosyan, Public Relations Coordinator for the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, what the state of the bears moving from prison to quarantine centers, particularly the El Garden bear was. “The behavior of the bears, their reactions are very disappointing.

Unknowingly, the owners have fed them with food that is contradicts to their organism. As for behavioral anomalies, even non-specialists can notice that in case of some bears. For example, when the bear moved from Aparan, he began to act very aggressively in freedom, most probably he was tortured. And the bear of the El Garden, appearing in a tremendous barrow, walks only in 4 meters. It’s the size of the cage he lived in,” he said in a conversation with us.