School headmaster on the scandal

Information was spread that at the school N20 named after John Kirakosian, the first grade pupils tied up their classmate’s (M. S. A.) hands with a “scotch” and cut his eyelashes, his mother announced that she was going to apply to the Police Chief, the Minister of Education and the Mayor of Yerevan. contacted school principal Anahit Khosrovyan who was writing an explanation at the police, after which she had to write an explanation at the Department of Education of Yerevan City Hall.

Mrs. Khosrovian described the story as a screenplay for the film, and described the incident as follows: “We are in the centre of the first grade pupils’ divorced parents’ relationships.” “The child was brought from a private school. The school headmaster asked a lot, and we had to accept him, as every child’s future is important to us. The headmaster said that the child used to interrupt lessons, parents paid for their children to attend the school, and so on. And I had to accept him.”

“Then we knew what happened to the child. He was born in Greece, his parents were in divorce. During the week, he spends some time with his mother, and then his father. I know that the father is very attentive, he has hired a driver so that the latter brings the child to school and then takes him back home. We mainly communicate with the driver. Since September is a period of observation, we already have the names of which child needs special education conditions, on the basis of which we guided the evaluation center.”

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