Arayik Khandoyan: Tell Vladimir Putin to change them (video)

Arayik Khandoyan, a member of the Sasna Tsrer group, was worried about something that nobody had expected. “Tell Vladimir Putin to change them, they are poor, do not fit us.”

However, Arayik Khandoyan was not able to finish his speech as the guard took the microphone from him. Some time later, it appeared in his hands again.

“How are you, my Armenians. I love you. Wish you to be well. We are fine, we are as standing as our mountains. Say hi from me to my brothers, to our mountains.”

Victims were present at the trial. They came to say that they did not want to participate in the next trials.

Hayk Alumyan, Smbat Barseghyan’s advocate, filed a motion for joining three cases of Sasna Tsrer in one proceeding. Such motions were filed during the last two trials.

“These three cases refer to the same alleged case, the three defendants are being accused of storming a police station on July 17, 2016, and taking action on that territory,” said the advocate.

The same victims and witnesses go through three cases. It turns out that they are not interrogated once, but three times.

The lawyer was convinced that violations during the verdict would be more obvious. “This way or another, if there is still no preliminary agreement between the three judges on the trials and the results, it is assumed that the three trials will end at different times. In case on of the judges makes verdict the other two cases will be violated by denying the innocence of defendants,” said Hayk Alumyan.

At the next hearing, on November 15, advocates will express their views on the motion.