Diaspora Armenia. Beyond the pathos. Live

In recent years, a strategic direction has been taken to work with the Diaspora, but besides the Ari Tun program and the ultimate goal of having 4 million population in Armenia, the attitude towards immigrant Diaspora Armenians and the deep contradictions in public perceptions are not seriously considered.

On the one hand, the investment potential of the Diaspora is assessed, on the other hand, there are criticisms such as refusal of citizenship of their country of residence, cultural diversity, differences in vision of the country, etc.

Opinions are not definite even in the Diaspora. Most Diaspora Armenians strictly rule out the possibility of returning to Armenia because of an improper investment environment, growing corruption risks, public stereotypical perceptions, and many other reasons. However, there are many repatriates currently in Armenia, who have not only returned and have settled here, but also are actively engage in public, business and educational spheres.

On November 13, at 17:30, the Article 3 club invites you to a public discussion entitled “ARMENIA-DIASPORA: Discussion of issues beyond the pathos of speeches”will be delivered by speakers from Diaspora who are live in Armenia, who will address issues such as the potential of the Diaspora and its effective use in the democratization of Armenia, the integration of Diaspora Armenians in Armenia, current state, challenges and opportunities of the Diaspora partnership.

Speakers are:

RAFFI DUDAKLIAN – Tufenkian Foundation new Executive Director

MARO MATOSYAN – Founder of the Women’s Support Center

SEVAN GAPAGIAN – Director of Depi Hayk Foundation

NAIRI HAKHVERDI – literary translator