The owner of “Lester” owes $ 323 million to the Thai government

The Government of Thailand has filed a lawsuit worth $ 14 billion (about $ 323 million) by King Power, which belongs to Lis Vishay Shrivadanaprahbay, who owns Lester English football team.

According to local media, the Thai billionaire took so much money from the government in 2006, without the interest rate, but no payments have been made so far.

At the first hearing of the case today, a decision was made to postpone the trial until February 2018. By the way, the local government has also filed similar accusations to Thailand’s state airport.

Lis Vishay Shrivadanaprahbay bought the Lester football club in 2010, after which the team started playing well in the English Premier League, and in 2016 won the title of the champion.