Person receives the second degree disability category

S. Sh., who has third degree disability, was re-examined and determined to have the third degree disability again. However, for his health problems, the second degree disability should be defined.

the sister of S. SH. applied to HCA Vanadzor, saying that his health condition was not improved, furthermore it had got even worse. Currently, there are some disorders of the organism’s functions that correspond to the limitations of the secondnd degree disability, defined by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on  Approving the Standards for Medical and Social Expertise.

By decision on granting the third degree of disability, the commission of medical and social expertise did not provide an objective discussion, did not study all the evidence in the case and did not pay proper attention to all the health problems of M.Sh.

Moreover, this decision does not in any way determine the establishment of the third degree of disability in the case of a person who has disfunctions corresponding to the secondnd group.

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