In our country, people can follow and record to another person in order to make decisions in the future – Marina Poghosyan (video)


The secret police officers recorded the conversation of Marine Poghosyan, chairman of the Felix human rights organization, with her close friend Arpi Meras. On September 11, 2015, Arpi Meras from Canada met Marina Poghosyan and their conversation was secretly recorded both at the cafe and Poghosyan’s own apartment.

It should be noted that these tapes were laid as a basis for the criminal case against Marina Poghosyan.

Let us remind that it was pressed charges against Marina Poghosyan for the fact that she had stolen the apartment of Arpi Meras, located at Nalbandyan 50, Yerevan, its properties, and $ 140,000 from their sales.

“A1 +” invited to Marina Poghosyan to talk more about the topic.