Arman Gharibyan: The state should justify its accusation to dispel doubts (video)

The health condition of Nerses Poghosyan, who was detained on the case of Zhirayr Sefilyan and others, and who was on a hunger strike for 25 days, got worse yesterday. The detainee refused to receive medical care and stopped the hunger strike yesterday, around 11 am. Now his health condition is adequate, and he is under the direct control of doctors.

Nerses Poghosyan announced a hunger strike in order to fulfill his demand, allowing free filming the courtroom, which was not implemented.

It should be reminded that Nerses Poghosyan was arrested on charges of illegal possession of arms and ammunition by an organized group.

A1 + invited Arman Gharibyan, Co-Founder of the “Law Enforcement” NGO, to discuss the topic.

Details are available in the video