We have a great opportunity in the world – Karen Karapetyan (video)

Today, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Karen Karapetyan attended and addressed at the official opening of an international workshop, which is jointly organized by the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) and the US National Science Foundation (NSF), in Yerevan.

Prime Minister Karapetyan thanked the organizers of the event, as well as the guests’ for their willing to share their experience and knowledge with Armenian specialists. “It is a fact that science and economy are tied together now. I think, FAST can be an integrator with its partners, ensuring the connection of the best science and technology centers to our specialists.”

He continued, “In fact, today in the world we have a great opportunity to give impetus to our development. It is very important for us to create the necessary ecosystem and innovation campuses throughout the country to provide modern, technological and knowledge-based development. The state is ready to support this process.
All of us, the government, the Diaspora, and those individuals in Armenia who are united, especially FAST, have one objective: we want to have a competitive, progressive nation. We are united by the idea that the aforementioned is possible it must be implemented consistently,” said Prime Minister Karapetyan in his speech, wishing good luck and productive work to the forum participants and organizers.

“Machine Learning for Discovery Sciences” brings together more than two hundred researchers in Data Science and related disciplines with the aim to promote creation of the basis for sustainable international cooperation and development of science.

The workshop aims to become a platform for communication and future cooperation between young researchers, doctorate students and the leading specialists in the mentioned disciplines.