Discussion on the constructing of the Armenia-Georgia air line and the reservoir of Kaps

RA Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Ashot Manukyan received the delegation headed by Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia Matias Kisler. Issues related to the financing of a number of investment projects envisaged in energy and water economy sectors were discussed.

Highlighting the role of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the role of KFW bank in the development of Armenia’s energy sector, Ashot Manukyan touched upon the Armenian-Georgian high-voltage line and the reservoir construction projects in Kaps. Emphasizing their importance for the Armenian economy, the Minister presented the Government’s intentions regarding to the programs.

“In order to reduce the pressure on public debt, the government intends to implement a series of credit programs that provide self-financing through public-private partnership,” said Ashot Manukyan.

The parties agreed to continue discussions later on, after some clarification of the issues.