Gevorg Safaryan: They just have an order to conduct the trial without us (video)

Today, Gevorg Safaryan, who had been removed for 4 hours, was brought to the court session on the case of Zhirayr Sefilyan and others.

He asked judge Tatevik Grigoryan where his defendant was. “When I am at the court, Tigran Egoryan should be next to me.,” said Gevorg Safaryan. The judge told him to stand up when turning to the court, and then ordered him to be removed from the courtroom. “They just have an order to conduct the trial without us,” said Gevorg Safaryan, when leaving the courtroom.

Zhirayr Sefilyan, Commander of the Shushi Special Battalion, was brought to the hall. The judge said that if he wanted to make a statement, he would have to keep the order and stand up. However, Zhirayr Sefilyan did not make a statement; Tigran Hayrapetyan read the announcement instead, authorizing Ara Zakaryan and Tigran Hayrapetyan to present his interests, even during his absence. After this statement, public defender Marine Tovmasyan, who was involved as a Zhirayr Sefilyan’s defender, left the courtroom.

Tigran Hayrapetyan then petitioned Zhirayr Sefilyan to clarify the nature and grounds of his accusation. Other advocates also joined the prosecutor against the motion, and the judge found that the petition was groundless. That was the reason for Tigran Hayrapetyan to file a one-hour petition to the judge.

At this moment Judge Tatevik Grigoryan has left a consultative room to make a decision. It will be announced in one hour.