Bringing Romanians’ attitude towards life to Armenia

Thanks to the cooperation between the Armenian and Romanian governments in the field of education, one of the young people of Armenia Arsen Arzumanyan, studied at the Faculty of Political Science at the Bucharest University of Romania, and now is continuing his studies at the same university’s Foreign Languages Department.

Arsen first worked in Bucharest as the former Romanian economy minister, and the adviser to the President of the Union of Romanian Armenians Varujan Voskanyan. Then he moved to work in the Romanian-Armenian Union, as well as the Armenian Embassy in April this year.

Mkrtich Karapetyan, who receives his doctor’s degree in the Faculty of International Relations at Bucharest University, also found a job in Romania easily. “I have been in Romania already for four years and have been working for three years in the Canadian long-distance call company in the sales department,” said Mkrtich, adding that he had no previous work experience.

In the opinion of these young people, they are the best way to present Armenia to foreigners. A person, who has never heard about Armenia, will make an opinion about it by watching these young people. To the question of what they would take from Romania to Armenia, Arsen said: “The attitude of people towards life. You can never say that Romania is a developed country where everyone is happy, but they always smile. Young people seem to be in the same “atmosphere”. They are mostly the happy part of the population who drives, studies, enjoys life and looks at everything in easy way.”


According to these young people, the Armenian souvenirs should be always in the suitcase of the Armenian who prepares for study abroad. They will give them to their friends during their studies abroad. “You will study and then come back to your homeland, but you will leave a piece of yourself and Armenia to these foreign people.”