Citizen is forced to return to prison (video)

According to the decision of the Independent Commission, Vahan Grigoryan, the resident of Etchmiadzin, was released from Armavir penitentiary two months ago. And when he returned to his daily life, the Court of Appeals changed the decision of the Court of First Instance of Echmiadzin, deciding to return him to prison.

“15 people have decided that I am subject to release, and a judge, sitting at the Appeals Court, decided that I was not subject to release because of some notifications during the years in prison,” said Vahan Grigoryan in his interview with A1 +.

He was imprisoned for five years on charges of extortion and bribery in 2014. He spent 3 years and 6 months in prison. He is among the three of the 200 prisoners who were freed early by the Independent Commission. In his opinion, the decision of the Court of Appeal to send him again to prison is suspicious. “I have received five reprimands during the detention, so that’s why they want to take me back, but in five cases, I have been punished only for 9 days. And the last 3 remarks have been something like an observation. ”

Vahan Grigoryan has found a job after returning to his family. He is ready to prove by his public work that he has changed and that the jail is no longer his place. “I have three grandchildren. Why should I leave my family, my wife and children, and go back again? As far as my detention is concerned, I am ready to go to work in kindergarten and school for free.” Grigoryan stated.

The lawyer of the Armenian Helsinki Committee, Robert Revazyan, is convinced. “After a few years of imprisonment, you release a person, and then again, decide that he must be sent to prison. This is inhumane manifestation.”

The final decision of the Appeal Court has not announced yet. As soon as it is received, Vahan Grigoryan will appeal against the Cassation Court. In case justice fails, the case can be brought to the European Court.