Violin would not suit me- Russian cellist in “Road to Talents” program (video)

Anastasia is from Omsk. She was dreaming to play violin, but was admitted to the cello class, and eventually she liked this instrument too. Cello always was comparable to human voice. “Now I think that the violin would not suit me,” joked the cellist.

Today, Anastasia Ushakova, the winner of the Tchaikovsky International Youth Competition, will perform with the Chamber Orchestra within the framework of the “Road to Talents” program.

The orchestra’s artistic director, chief conductor Vahan Martirosyan says this program is a good platform for young performers. Anastasia’s favorite composers are Tchaikovsky and Saint-Saëns. For the first time she will perform the concert of Boccherini. According to Vahan Martirosyan, the aforementioned is also an important condition for the “Road to Talents” program, since the soloist performs any musical work with the orchestra that she has not done before. It is a chance for the musician to prepare the composition for other performances in the future because mostly musicians do not play the full composition during the rehearsals with the orchestra.

“Yes, I am in Armenia for the first time, but my parents here have many friends here who will be in the concert, and this is also very responsible for me. You have to keep the name of the best and show that you are worthy of that title. This performance with such an orchestra will be a new success,” says Anastasia Ushakova.

The second part of the concert is dedicated to the memory of the Chamber Orchestra cellist Ashot Ayvazyan.