John Malkovich in Armenia (video)

Hollywood legend John Malkovich is in Armenia at the invitation of Sergey Smbatyan, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Youth Orchestra.

Actor, director, screenwriter and producer John Malkovich will be presenting a scene from Ernest Sabato’s “Heroes and Graves” novel, by Alfred Schnittke’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra at the opening concert of the 5th Khachaturian International Festival. Pianist Anastasia Terenkova is the soloist.

“I and Sergey have an experience of such cooperation. Last year and two years ago we presented such format in Seoul and Buenos Aires. This is a unique format which should be combined with music and poetry. The text cannot compete with the music, it should be combined with it. In this case only text can make the music rich and complete. I think a lot before making decision about the text,” said Malkovich.

Malkovich likes listening to the classical music, particularly live performances. By the way, he used to play on the tube and the guitar. “I did not continue playing on the instruments as I realized my lack of talent,- confessed Malkovich, who, as he had said, likes professional approach to everything.- In the past, theaters were very important, and then films took that title. Now, I prefer directing. I  am also a producer. I do not always find scenarios I like, but I still work,” said the Hollywood legend.

In one of his interviews Malkovich said that he treated the profession of cinematographer as a work that needed to be done professionally, instead of dedicating yourself to such a degree so that one got a mental disorder.

As for performing in Armenia and how well Malkovich was familiar with Armenia, he answered that he had a lot of Armenian friends, he had not read special books about the Armenian history, but there was a book which he had read, there Zmyurnia is spoken about. He also knew about the Genocide. ” What can be said about that… One gets surprised on what awful things can people do.”

The Hollywood legend said that he had been looking forward to coming here. As always, he had already learnt what he wanted