Nina Karapetyan: You cannot hear this case (video)

Today, during Zhirayr Sefilyan’s and others’ trial, Tatevik Grigoryan, judge of Ajapnyak and Davitashen Administrative Districts, rejected the petition submitted to attorney Petros Petrosyan.

Then, defender Arayik Papikyan filed a motion to change the precautionary measure of Nerses Poghosyan by applying a pledge; he said that there was no substantial evidence that he could hide from the preliminary investigation body.

The atterney objected to the motion, and the judge left the motion without examination.

After that, defender Arayik Papikyan, presented Judge Tatevik Grigoryan with a petition for self-withdrawal, questioning her impartiality. He said that there was an opinion that the judge had formed a stable tradition, rejecting all the petitions submitted by the defense.

One of the defenders, Nina Karapetyan, also asked the judge to refrain from personal offenses, but “You cannot hear this case.”

At the moment, the judge is in an advisory room, the decision will be made shortly afterwards.