Pyotr Svitalski: Agreement with EU will bring investments (video)

The Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, who was present at the annual “European Heritage Days” event, which was titled “Heritage and Nature” this year, said that Armenians could be proud of their contribution to the European culture and heritage. He said that the events of “European Heritage Days” were a good opportunity to demonstrate how rich Armenia’s contribution to the common European heritage was. For example, future architects of European higher institutions should study Zvartnots temple, and Conservatory students – Komitas’ creations.

The opening was at Sochut Dendropark after Leonevich, Stepanavan, which was symbolic for Polish Pyotr Svitalski.

Dendropark founded the Polish engineer-forestry expert Edmon Leonovich in 1931 and he was the director until 1984. His son Vitaly Leonovich continued with his work, who is the current director of the Dendropark

About 2,500 trees were brought from different corners of the globe, and only 500 of them remain today.

Dendropark used to be a center of scientific research, and there were more than 40 people working there. Today the Dendropark (35hectares) is a special protected area; it has only a dozen workers whose efforts are aimed at keeping the park clean and well-kept. This year, 20-25000 people have visited the Dendropark.

“Many countries currently work to detect different air purification filters, but the best filter is a tree,” said Vitaly Leonovich.

Pyotor Svitalsky also visited Lori Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum.
“Today we speak only about the nature and culture. When the Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Framework Agreement with the EU is signed, we will boost both deeper cooperation and investment in both the culture and the environment. We work with our Armenian counterparts to strengthen ties between Armenia and Europe. Today is a wonderful day, I am very impressed, “said the Ambassador. He also said that those events had shown that the bridge between Armenia and Europe was really strong.