Deputy does not comment on Gagik Tsarukyan-Samvel Karapetyan conflict

Speaking about Hrachya Rostomyan’s, Minister of Sports and Youth Affair of the Republic of Armenia, statement and response, Arsen Karamyan, Deputy Minister of Sports and Yourth  Affairs, noted that he knew neither what announcements were made during the press conference, nor what the asnwer of Karen Karapetyan’s office was, answering the question of A1+.

In his final press conference, the minister stated that Russian businessman Samvel Karapetyan, the former president of the Armenian Wrestling Federation, who has made a great contribution to the development of wrestling and supported the club for a long period of time, made a serious blow and without Gagik Tsarukyan, the Armenian wrestling would face problems.

Yesterday, on September 29, the Minister’s statement was followed by the response of the RA MP Karen Karapetyan’s office, in which it was particularly mentioned: “The Minister of Sports is a person who does not have any right to evaluate Samvel Karapetyan’s activity. We would advise him to mind his own business and not to blame others for the failure of the structure he leads. Well, what are the Ministry of Sports or the Minister meant for if others have to save this or that means of sports?”

not commenting on the response of Karen karapetyan’s office, Arsen Karamyan said ” I will say another thing, we should be tolerant and loving toward each other.”