Levon Mkrtchyan: Let’s develop Russian, so that it becomes our country’s important language

During the discussion with the members of the Public Council of Armenia today, Levon Mkrtchyan, Minister of Education and Science spoke about the concept of the Russian language developed by the Ministry, which has been criticized by the public and experts.

Levon Mkrtchyan clarified that studies have shown that for the development of natural sciences it is necessary to pay attention to the teaching of foreign languages and to apply a new methodology in the general education system, as the current methodology is insufficient. Levon Mkrtchyan mentioned that in European countries, for example, foreign languages are studied from the first grade, and in Armenia only the mother is taught in the first grade.

The Russian language study begins with the second grade. “The specialists found that foreign language could be taught from the second grade, but not in terms of studying letters, but rather games. Thus, the need of a foreign language development concept has arisen.” Levon Mkrtchyan noticed that the concepts of English, French and German were elaborated on this issue, but the issue of the Russian language was politicized by the media. “There is no need to politicize. A normal process was artificially politicized. By law the only state language of the Republic of Armenia is Armenian and other languages cannot have any other notion or status.”

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