Garnik Isagulyan: Armenia should toughen its stance (video)

In Artsakh electoral processes are better than in Armenia or in the West, an advisor at the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Permanent Representation to Armenia said on Tuesday.

“What is happening in Artsakh today, I am speaking about the economic growth and large-scale construction, show that serious work is being done there. The opening of the Ministry of Nature Protection was not accidental either. Artsakh will soon switch to a drip irrigation system, which will help save more water and have a good crop,” said Garnik Isagulyan.

He says there was no breakthrough after the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan. “The position of the Armenian side has been very clear since the events of last April and I think that Armenia should further toughen its position,” he said.