Inmate starts strike in prison, refuses to eat or drink

Roman Gevorgyan, who has been in prison for 10 years and 10 months, started a hunger strike at the Kosh penitentiary institution on Tuesday. He also refuses to drink water.
Talking to A1+ Company from the prison, the inmate said that the Penitentiary Department has decided to postpone for an indefinite period his request to let him serve his sentence in open regime.

After receiving the answer, Roman Gevorgyan decided to resort to extreme measures.

“They just want to torture a person. I am a witness in another case. That is why they decided to postpone the decision. Meanwhile, the investigator said that it could not serve as an obstacle,” he said.

Roman Gevorgyan, who was sent to 12 years in prison for plunderous attack, has numerous health problems. He is determined to continue the strike until his demand is met. Roman has 4 underage children. His father acquired disability during the Artsakh war.