Gor Metsoyan’s vocal studio does not get any support from government (video)

For the past five years, Gor Metsoyan has been teaching students interested in national culture in his vocal studio.

“I sang in different groups. So, I wanted to convey my experience to next generations in order not to lose our national song, art and mentality.”

He opened the studio in his native community of Nor Geghi and then opened a branch in Yerevan, with no state support. Currently, the studio has 17 students.

“I have applied to different places, but did not get any attention from anyone,” states Gor Metsoyan.

The only girl in the vocal studio is Irina. However, she does not feel uncomfortable about it. Even more, she claims that the boys of the studio have become her best friends and the love towards the national music has “awakened” thanks to Gor Metsoyan’s vocal studio.

Unlike Irina, Hamon from Sassoun is interested in national songs and dances since childhood. He has decided that he will continue in the same spirit in the future.

Two years ago, 10-year-old Suren, already warned his parents that he was going to become a student of Gor Metsoyan’s vocal studio. He claims: “I am a patriot; I like Armenian songs and will not sing another song.”

On the 5th anniversary of their activity, the studio’s students shot their first video, and on November 13 they will have a jubilee concert.