Advocates are searched, postman is not

The trial on the case of 18 members of the Sasna Tsrer had not started yet, when it was interrupted for 15 minutes. Judge Artush Gabrielyan said that he had received a note from the bailiffs that Mushegh Shushanyan, an advocate, refused to take out metal objects from his bag.

The judge went to the conference room for 15 minutes to decide on the behavior of the advocate.  The advocates Lusine Sahakyan and Nina Karapetyan also refused to open their bags. A protocol is also drawn upon them.

The advocates are presenting their objections. By the way, today,while the advocates were being demanded to open their bags, the postman entered the court building with two big bags, but no one searched him. This was the reason of Nina Karapetyan’s discontent. “He could possibly take an explosive device to the court.”

To remind, none of the eighteen members of “Sasna Tsrer” attend the trial. They are abandoned for showing disrespect for the court.