Minister: “On what bases should he be deprived of the medal?” (video)

The graduates are given gold medals for studies and not for behavior, said Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan today after the Government session, touching upon Hrazdan Mayor’s son, who was awarded a gold medal by Serzh Sargsyan a few days ago. To remind, earlier Hrazdan Mayor’s son with his father’s working car, without driving license, hit a 58-year-old man and killed him.

“He received his medal as a result of 12 years’ of studies. Now when you say to deprive him of the medal, who is accountable for that? On what bases can we do that?”

The Minister didn’t rule out that it was the mistake of both the teachers and his parents that he wasn’t explained not to violate the law, “The underage, who doesn’t have a driving license, didn’t have a right to drive a car, the parents should have followed him, the school should have done it. But why do you link this to another issue?”

Watch details in the video!