“Music Armenia” with more participants and high quality (video)

For a good musician, as it turns out, three weeks is not a short time not only for mastering his professional instrument, but also for learning to play the new instrument.


“’Music Armenia’ program of Armenian General Benevolent Union, which has been held for already 5th time, is a wonderful project and I think that it will have a brilliant future, says Svetlana Navasardyan,- Foreign participants are given an opportunity not only to master their knowledge and professional skills, but also get acquainted with the country and its history. And our compatriots living abroad have a chance to know more about their country.”

Bagrat Vardanyan, who has been holding master classes from the first projects, notes that this year the level is higher. His students of this year, for example, are very experiences violinists, gifted musicians and they have passed only creative courses.

The students are mainly pleased with the program and the professors, but some of them are surprised at the methods of education.

Alexandra and Lilya Yaralyan sisters aren’t for the first time in Armenia, and besides this program, they have worked as volunteers at “Orran” benevolent organization for already second year.

According to the words of Dalar Kazanchyan, Director of Armenian branch of Armenian General Benevolent Union, they are happy that this year there are more participants and the quality is higher, and that people from other countries come to get acquainted with our wealthy culture.

Greek violinist came to Armenia to get acquainted with the homeland of his first teacher and beloved girl.


When he learnt that he will take master classes from Bagrat Vardanyan, who was the student of Jean Ter-Merguerian, he was surprised. “I have never even dreamt of it. It was fantastic,” he says.

The participants showed their skills during the Gala concert.