Hrachya Rostomyan: “Everybody can blame their problems on others” (video)

“There is a misperception among us that we are strong in individual sports and group sports cannot be developed. But thanks to recent three years’ work in Armenian basketball, we gained a right t participate in the qualifying tournament of the basketball world cup,” Hrachya Rostomyan, the Minister of the RA Sports and Youth Affairs and President of the Basketball Federation of Armenia, said during today’s press conference.

To note, on August 2nd Armenia’s men’s team will receive the team of Slovakia in Yerevan, which will be our team’s first official game within the frames of basketball world cup. Hrachya Rostomyan hopes that our team will successfully perform in those games, though, all the participants are rather strong and experienced.

As for the perspectives of development of group sports in Armenia, the Minister noted, “The most important is to pay attention to every detail. Or else everybody can babble and blame the problems on others. It isn’t easy. We passed a long way. It is a proof; everybody can see it.”

The Minister means the recent achievements of our junior basketball players in Europe B and C divisions.