Adversary uses “SPIKE” missile

According to the summery of the DA operative data, in the first semester of 2017 the adversary violated the ceasefire regime on the Line of Contact between the opposing forces of Artsakh and Azerbaijan more than 9000 times, firing more than 121000 shots towards the Armenian positions.

Besides the rifle weapons, in the abovementioned period the Azerbaijani armed forces also used “SPIKE” anti-tank controllable missile (3 shells), TR-107 multiple rocket launchers (5 shells), D-30 and D-44 cannons (244 shells), 60 mm, 82 mm and 120 mm mortars (1373 shells), different types of grenade launchers (250 shells).

In the first semester of 2017 the Azerbaijani special units initiated several subversive penetration attempts, which were timely spotted by the DA units and the adversary was thrown back, sustaining losses. To note the subversive penetration attempt initiated by the Azerbaijani special units on February 25 in the eastern direction, when the adversary completely failed and leaving 5 dead bodies in the territory close to the Armenian front line, returned to their initial positions.

The DA vanguard units in the first 6 months of 2017 continued to dictate the situation on the front line and carry out their military duty.