Sasna Dzrer again didn’t stand up

18 members of Sasna Dzrer were brought to the courtroom after the break, but they didn’t stand up, when the judge entered the courtroom.

The judge used a sanction against them in the form of warning.

Today the judge also tried to clarify the identity of the defendants and involve defenders. No one stood up during this process. Defendant Martiros Hakobyan (Ded) said, “One doesn’t bow before something, against which one revolts.”

Vardan Geravetyan explained his not standing up with the fact that on June 28 cases of violence happened, but the judge didn’t pay attention to them, “That case of violence was a terrorist action against the people and not us.”

When the judge tried to find out from Aram Manukyan where he was born and lives, he noted ‘in Artsakh marz of Armenia’.

The judge again announced a break.