12 DJs in the territory of old plant: Music Fest held (video)

For activating social-economic and cultural life of Dilijan, festival of electronic music was held in Dilijan. Numerous participants from Yerevan were transferred to Dilijan by buses to take part in the festival until late at night.

During the event 12 DJs from Armenian and Russian had non-stop performances.

The music fest was held in the territory of “Impulse” plant, which doesn’t operate now. Formerly this plant was a well known plant of connection, which now connects Dilijan with the international school and Yerevan. We want happy mood here so that people can escape from the capital’s hot weather and can lie here on the grass, listen to the music, play and eat. The dishes made by Dilijan residents are represented here. It is another step so that Yerevan society can integrate Dilijan,” Diana Afyan, representative of SKY Group told “A1+”.

The event was held with the support of Scholae Mundi Armenia and Dilijan Community Center.