State Duma ratifies joint armed forces deal with Armenia

On July 14, the Russian State Duma ratified an agreement on creating joint military troops with the Republic of Armenia. The document was signed in Moscow on November 30, 2016 and many analysts did not believe that the sides would have equal rights in the decision-making process.

The agreement was submitted for ratification to the Russian State Duma lower parliament by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of June

The Agreement determines the purpose, order of formation, deployment and use of the joint group of forces. The forces are meant to ensure security in the Caucasian region of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Among the main tasks of the group is to timely and adequately detect and respond to possible attacks against the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, ensure the air borders’ protection, participate in the air defense of troops and critical facilities of both countries deployed in the region
The agreement is signed for a five-year period with a possibility of further extension.