Lawyer: Areg Kyureghyan asked not to bother him anymore (video)

Member of “Sasna Dzrer” group Areg Kyureghyan didn’t want to comment on the statement disseminated by the Penitentiary Department that a single use razor hid in chewing gum had been found with him. He told the following to the lawyer,

“If he had a chance to transfer Kalashnikov, he would do it,” Mushegh Shushanyan, Areg Kyureghyan’s lawyer, told “A1+”.

He explains his defendant’s stance, which is connected with the brutal beating and violence used against Areg Kyureghyan and his friends two weeks ago,

“He knew that those policemen would bring him to the court yesterday. The same policemen transferred him to the court, there was contact with the policemen. He couldn’t foresee the unlawful actions the policemen might use against him.”

According to the words of the lawyer, every person has a right to self defense.

A criminal case has been instituted in connection with the case of violence in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Avan and Nor-Nork administrative districts on June 28. A few days ago the investigator visited Areg Kyureghyan in Nubarashen prison, “He told the investigator that he refuses to take part in any investigative action.”

Areg Kyureghyan refused to sign any document and asked not to bother him anymore. The lawyer doesn’t know whether he was recognized an aggrieved party or not, “No one has contacted me and informed about it. As we know, the lawyers were informed that Mkhitar Avetisyan and Arayik Khandoyan had been recognized aggrieved parties. In case of Areg Kyureghyan, we don’t have such information.”

Now Areg Kyureghyan is in the punishment cell for having a forbidden item.