Number of suicides increases among teenagers

The number of suicides has increased among teenagers in Armenia.

According to the psychologist, social and economic condition, family etc are reasons for suicides.

The psychologist reminds that adolescence is an important transitional phase and starting from ancient times the number of suicides was high at that phase. “Teenagers are in target group, and people from different sects and groups know mechanisms to attract teenagers. People from those sects know that teenagers may become victims of suicide very easily. They are easily cheated and involved in particular ideas.”

According to the words of Ruben Poghosyan, homosexuality and lesbianism start in adolescence.

And in education system no work is carried out with the risk groups, yet, the psychologist carry out huge work. “Every third visitor speaks of death in some hidden way. The most important thing is speaking and not concealing. The more you speak to teenagers about death, the more they lose desire to die,” noted the psychologist.

According to Ruben Poghosyan, people commit suicide for recognizing death.