Taron Margaryan couldn’t feel spirit of promised hell (video)

Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan neither accuses nor accepts the behavior of “Yerkir Tsirani” party. Mayor considers the fact that today the members of the faction weren’t able to find their room to be their own guilt, “The staff of Yerevan Municipality for the past 10 days constantly invited everybody to solve the organizational issues. She should have respected the institution of the Council of Elders and be present, I am ready to talk and meet with everybody.”

Could the Mayor feel the spirit of the hell promised by Zaruhi Postanjyan? “I didn’t see Mrs Postanjyan in order to feel it.”

In reply to the question by “A1+” why Gayane Soghomonyan was relieved of her post, Taron Margaryan answered, “Ask her! She left the job according to her own application, explaining that she teaches at the university and has no time.”

The Mayor also touched upon the issue of Firdus market salesmen.

Watch the video for more details!