Taron Margaryan refutes information on his businesses (video)

Since 2013 Taron Margaryan hasn’t become richer, what’s more his incomes have decreased, announced Taron Margaryan today before “Nation-army” 2017 conference, while replying to the question of “A1+” where from he owes AMD 250 million, USD 45 thousand, EUR 50 thousand, flats, mansions, the whole floor of an apartment block, territory of the shopping center. Taron Margaryan advised looking through bills of entry according to the years. To note, in 2013 during the previous elections of Yerevan Council of Elders, Taron Margaryan’s real and moveable estate was more. He claims that the financial means have increased at the expense of sales of property.

In reply to the question by “A1+” whether Taron Margaryan has businesses, the Mayor gave a negative response. Yet in 2016 he noted in his bill of entry that he had 50 percent share in Z&Z company. Other information on the businesses of the Mayor has been published in the media. According to them, he is a shareholder of taxi services, cannery and ammunition factory.

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