Ara Papian: Azerbaijan is not interested in Artsakh (video)

The Karabakh war started in the fall of 1989 and has not ended yet. This is why the escalation of last April may resume at any point, says military expert Vova Vardanov.

“Of course, it will not be as unexpected as it happened last April. They will be stupid enough to repeat the same scenario, but they will always continue tensions along the Karabakh border,” he said.

Ara Papian, founding head of the Modus Vivendi analytical centre, says Azerbaijan has not changed its rhetoric over the years. “They came to understand that if they attack at once and start large-scale operations, the Armenian people unite and become stronger

“They understood that once the attack, large-scale application of the Armenian nation to unite and become stronger. That is why they are taking small steps to achieve their main goal which is not Artsakh. They regularly kill our soldiers,” he said.

Ara Papian says the ultimate goal of our enemy is to destroy Armenia. “I disagree with those forces who claim that the handover of territories will bring a final peace to the region. No, there cannot be peace because Azerbaijan wants to destroy the Armenian nation.”

The political analyst thinks that today the Karabakh conflict cannot be resolved through negotiations. He adds that the Armenian people are better prepared for war than the government because more money is spent on the police than on the army.