Vardan Bostanjyan: “Tsarukyan’s regime change would be adventurism” (video)

“Gagik Tsarukyan wanted a large consolidation in order to change the system. If people don’t join and you don’t have resources for changes, how can consolidation be reached?” asks Vardan Bostanjyan, who is the fourth in the pre-election list of “Tsarukyan” alliance.

The latter states that not everybody should have joined “Tsarukyan” alliance, there were squabbles, “Altogether we have 2 million population; we aren’t in China to consolidate 1.5 billion,” says the candidate.

Journalists said that for already several times the society has seen frightened Gagik Tsarukyan, who two years ago refused regime change, saying that he didn’t want bloodshed. “We will always remember March 1. You say that let more powerful blast happen on that day. It would be adventurism,” explains Vardan Bostanjyan. But the latter won’t say who would fire at the people, if Gagik Tsarukyan took the people to the streets, “How can I know, I haven’t been in those places.”

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