The bill should not pass: I am ready to take everyone to the street – Sofya Hovsepyan (video)

One of the members of the Support to Border Communities initiative is ready to pay AMD 10 000 from her monthly salary with the aim of restoring confidence between people and the army.

“The project should not be approved at this moment. I am ready to take everyone to the street and refuse to pay the money unless the trust between the public and army is restored again,” Sofya Hovsepyan told reporters today.

She is particularly concerned about the fact that AMD 50 000 is allocated to a military concert when, in reality, we have 50 000 hungry families in Armenia.

The member of the civil initiative says scoundrels and rascals are gathered in the National Assembly and Government. She thinks people should not be told how to spend their money.

“The hostilities of this April proved that we are united. The man, who had nothing at home, brought cereals from home for our soldiers.

Manushak Stepanyan, Chairperson of a local NGO, said in turn that the parents of fallen soldiers are also against this initiative and are very offended. “This is done without considering the opinion of people. Mothers of the fallen soldiers feel ignored and insulted. Perhaps, our authorities could get up from their seats and go to talk to people to see what is going on,” she said.

Manushak Stepanyan added that parents of dead servicemen receive a bonus of AMD 30 000 and can only afford flowers, candles and myrrh with the money. “They express their outrage and wonder whether they should lose another son to be given AMD 10 000 million…” she added.

The participants of the press conference said they would do everything possible for the bill to be rejected.