A1+ regions: mistakes of the first round of local elections and what to expect from the second round (video)

“A1+” launches a new program. From now on every Sunday with the support of regional TV stations we will sum up the main events of the week.

This time the topic is local elections.

On September 18 elections of local self-government bodies were held in 5 regions of Armenia. Did those elections differ somehow from previous elections held in our country? How the first round of the elections proceeded and what to expect from the second round.

Vanadzor “Lori” and Gyumri “Tsayg” TV companies cooperated with us within the frames of this program.

The program hosted Armen Grigoryan, Coordinator of Election Projects of Transparency International Anti-corruption Center, and Zohrap Yeganyan, press secretary of Human Rights Defender.

The program is hosted by Hasmik Budaghyan.