Andres Mustonen: “I am coming to Yerevan like my home” (video)

“I am coming to Yerevan, as I am coming home. I have been here for many times, I have even lost the count; the first time was in 1975. I think that it isn’t the last visit, but this one is special, as I was awarded Gold Medal of the RA Ministry of Culture,” says virtuoso violinist Andres Mustonen, founder and Artistic Director of Estonian Hortus Musicus band, before the concert held within the frames of “Yerevan Prospects” international music festival.

“I am proud that last year we participated in ‘With you, Armenia’ concerts. Let me say that you even cannot imagine how many friends you have in the world. Alas, not every nation can say the same.”

Hortus Musicus ensemble, which means “musical garden”, was established 44 years ago at the initiative of Andres Mustonen. It was the first band in the Soviet Union, which started playing and propagating medieval music.

The band, which has released about 40 CDs and has performed in the best stages of the world, has high reputation. Hortus Musicus has its own style and is out of stereotypes. Combination of unique costumes, original instruments and innate artistic characteristics of the musicians turns their each performance into a theatrical play.

In reply to the question whether the master of medieval and baroque music is aware of our spiritual songs, Andres Mustonen answered that he is not only aware of them, but they also play them.

Today Hortus Musicus will present another project at Byurakan Arts Academy, during which Jewish songs and traditional music will be performed.