“The authorities want to get rid of corruption, but people aren’t ready”

The authorities have will to fight against corruption, they want to get rid of corruption, but the way of thinking of people doesn’t correspond to it, thinks Aleksander Amaryan, President of Anti-Corruption Association, “There is and will always be corruption in Armenia. Laws are adopted, according to which corruption must decrease, but at present it is only increasing.”

He thinks that corruption is not only problem for Armenia, but for the whole world, “I have always dealt with corruption, it has always been the same, during the Soviet years, during the tenure of Levon, Kocharyan, now, it is the same in the whole world, the whole world is corrupted. Laws are written, but they are afraid of exercising them.”

The matter in this case is only the amount of corruption, “If laws are exercised, the authorities work, the amount will decrease, but it is impossible to eliminate it.”

Mr Amaryan is sure that the most corrupted sphere is the judicial system. But he had difficulty in mentioning the least corrupted sphere.