Judge to A. Yenigomshyan: “You will sit down, when I tell you”

Short time ago the court hearing on choosing detention as a precautionary measure against Alek Yenigomshyan has ended. The court hearing was conducted by Judge of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts Mesrop Makyan. This is informed by Yenigomshyan’s lawyer Nikolay Baghdasaryan.

“The court hearing was special with the behavior of Judge M. Makyan, there was an impression that Alek Yenigomshyan committed a crime against him personally and the judge found an appropriate moment to punish him. Makyan’s expressions ‘Stand up, I tell you’, ‘Sit down, when I tell you’ (alas, I cannot express the tone of the judge) addressed to a person with disability cannot fit the image of unbiased judge. As a result of the court hearing, he made a decision to detain Yenigomshyan for two months,” says the lawyer.