“Decision was made for corruption purposes”

“Several months ago the propaganda of the police started that window tinting is prohibited. And another thesis was that drivers themselves tint the windows,” says Eduard Hovhannisyan, Chairman of the “Achilles” Center for the Defense of Drivers’ Rights NGO.

He highlights the Government decision, according to which tinting of windows is allowed, simply there are some limitations, “The windshield of a car must be tinted 75% and side windows of the front part must be tinted 70%, the tint of other windows isn’t limited.”

But how do the police officers check whether the windows are tinted or not? “The police officer asks whether the window is tinted or not. If the driver answers ‘no’, there are cases when the police officer puts his hand inside the car in order to check whether it is tinted or not. But who let the police officer put his hand inside the car,” says Mr Hovhannisyan angrily.

He noted that in case of any tint of windows, the police officer doesn’t have any right to take the car into penalty area.

“It has been done for corruption. There has never been a case when an accident occurred because of tinted windows. It is just an instruction to do business or corruption,” he highlighted.

Karen Chilingaryan, Chairman of “Consumer Consultation Center” NGO noted, “Tinting is wrong. At least it mustn’t be to the current degree.”

He also thinks that the police decision on tinted windows has been made for corruption purposes.