German lawmaker: “This time Genocide resolution will be adopted” (video)

Three members of Germany’s Left Party are in Armenia. They have come for two main objectives- the activities over the Armenian Genocide issue and visit to Artsakh.

“We want to go to Artsakh and to see what is happening on the scene,” noted lawmaker of Bundestag Ulla Jelpke. She is one of the authors and pioneers of the resolution of the Armenian Genocide recognition in Germany. She also wants to highlight the importance that the issue of Germany’s liability is necessarily noted in the resolution to be discussed at Bundestag on June 3. “We want to inform the German society that at that time servicemen and generals were sent from Germany to the Ottoman Empire, and Germany participated in the implementation of the genocide,” highlighted Mrs. Jelpke.

Touching upon the tense situation in Artsakh and Four-day April war, the lawmaker said, “We are concerned about the issue. I regret to say that Turkish President Erdogan was among the first who made a statement not calling for restraint but readiness to support Azerbaijan.”

Hamburg Parliament’s MPs Martin Dolzer noted that they have been in Armenian for 4 days, “We are impressed by your approach, your culture.” He highlighted that the Germans know very well what the genocide issue, historic reality mean. “Alas, even today our federal government is engaged in close cooperation with Erdogan. The government of Erdogan today is leading a destructive policy, and according to our information, is even supporting Azerbaijan and is taking part in the war.” The German figure noted that they are going to publish a book on the Armenian Genocide.

Hasan Burgucuoglu, a member of the Altona Borough Council of Hamburg has been to our country for the second time. “The adoption of that resolution is very important to us. I hope that one day Turkey will also come to senses and recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

To what extent is it realistic that the Turkish figures of Germany will not vote down the adoption of resolution on the Armenian Genocide recognition? “I am sure that this time the resolution will be adopted. One of the reasons for it is that today there are many figures displeased with the policy of Angela Merkel in Germany. She is accused of cooperation with Erdogan over various deals.”