Azerbaijani expert: “I don’t believe that it will revive the relations”

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting, with the participation of Armenian and Azerbaijani experts, organized live video bridge.

Within the frames of the discussion, Nicat Melikov, press secretary of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly of Azerbaijan, touched upon the yesterday’s Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting, “I don’t believe that it will revive the relations. In this case Azerbaijan needs to get stronger. Whether it will be in political, diplomatic or military terms, they are already methods.”

Yet, another Azerbaijani, IWPR expert Shahin Rzaev has other opinion, “It was clearly declared that war is not a solution. For the first time during 22 years, after the cessation of fire, both sides had that formulation. I hope that the snipers will not shoot anymore,” he said.

Our political experts definitely give a positive assessment to this meeting, “The fact that the political format joined, gives hope that the cooperation of the sides will continue not only through shots, but at the negotiations table,” said Alexander Iskandaryan, Director of Caucasus Institute.

Azerbaijani expert Nicat Melikov was periodically trying to voice accusations addressed to the Armenian side, “Who violates the ceasefire every time? Can you guarantee that every time Azerbaijan does it? I cannot.”

“In that case, why doesn’t Azerbaijan agree on removal of snipers from the border and the installation of the device, which captures which side shoots,” opposed Stepan Grigoryan, chairman of the Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation.

Watch the video for details!