Produce what we import from Turkey (video)

“Strengthening the Armenia’s security is connected with the strengthening of economy,” thinks economist Vardan Bostanjyan.

“The Four-day War showed that there is no evil without good. As a result of the war we understood that Armenia should adopt new approaches and priorities in political and economic terms, which first of all will be directed to our defense and security,” said Mr Bostanjyan during the meeting with journalists.

According to the words of the economist, those Turkish products, which today are consumed by a part of the Armenian society, Armenia can produce itself, “I mean food and why not industrial products, which we are able to produce, we have the potential,” noted Mr Bostanjyan.

As for the calls for banning the sale of Turkish products, Vardan Bostanjyan thinks that such drastic solutions shouldn’t be proposed, “Such drastic steps may affect our consumers instead of the neighboring country. In terms of some products our consumers have to consume Turkish products due to their low incomes,” he summed up.