Qyaram celebrated his birthday a month earlier

Photo of Qyaram is hung on the Armenian tricolor on the window. The room is dark, there is a photo of Qyaram, a letter of acknowledgement from army and posthumously awarded medal are in the corner- on a small table. His mother, Nvard- a woman in her 50s, huddled up beside the small table, has lost the sense of reality and is looking at the photo of Qyaram with an empty look without blinking her eyes.

Qyaram Sloyan was one of the first victims of April war. He had a chance to save his life, but honesty, sense of duty and humanity didn’t let him leave his commander and the positions. Yet, the commander himself had forced him. Qyaram didn’t obey and was killed. After being killed, the enemy tortured his body, posting photos on the internet and making the body of 19-year-old boy an evidence of cruelty and horror of war.

His mother is sitting in a dark room surrounded by the women and relatives from the village. His father is standing behind the chair. He is a tall, thin, simple and straightforward person.

“He would be demobilized after two months,- says his mother,- his birthday is on April 27, but he celebrated on March 28 in the military unit, he had  a presentiment.”

“We are proud, proud of our son,” says his father, but one can feel, that he is ready to send any pride to hell only his son was alive.

“He is a hero,” says one of the elderly woman sitting in the room.

Qyaram’s family lives in Artashavan village of Aragatsotn marz. To say that the family lives in extreme poverty is to say nothing. The half-built house is a bit far from the village. The door is always open, the rooms are damp, as there is no floor, few pieces of furniture are on the very soil.

Life is difficult for this family, they have no assistance. Qyaram must have been the assistance and one of the pillars of the house, but he was too brave, bold and loyal to live in this world.