RA can easily contradict RF in NATO issue: Anush Sedrakyan (video)

If RF relations with NATO get tense, RA, as in case of EU membership, as well as in case of NATO will stand in front of the “either…or” policy, thinks political expert Stepan Safaryan and adds, “In the same way as RF made RA stop its relations with the EU, it mustn’t be excluded that the same will happen in case of NATO.”

RF acts toward Ukraine made NATO allies to review their partnership. As a result RF stopped all the relations with the NATO though it had the highest level of partnership with it. Stepan Safaryan notes that it is stated both in foreign political and military doctrines of RF that NATO is a threat for RF.

The main issue on NATO Summit in Wales, in which Serzh Sargsyan is also taking part, is RF actions in Ukraine. For this purpose NATO wants to create rapid response groups, “If it influences RF-NATO relations, Armenia, having low level of independence and sovereignty, will also have problems.

Free Democrats party vice President Anush Sedrakyan is not concerned about freezing relations between NATO and RF. She thinks that RF is our strategic partner, but RA can easily contradict, “Calm and confident, determined contradiction, and I am sure that it will be in such way, as RF security systems proved their low vitality and inability, or what’s worse, the lack of desire.”

Mrs. Sedrakyan thinks that Armenia must be mostly flexible when cooperating with NATO. What relates to RF, it cuts its relations not only with NATO, but with all the institutions of civilized world, “It puts iron curtain between itself and civilized world, as it has failed as technological, democratic state and it is now implementing the project of being a dangerous state.”

NATO Summit Armenian delegation member, Heritage party secretary Tevan Poghosyan reminds that RA has its own format in the cooperation with NATO, “NATO can improve and worsen its relations with many states, but we must be only concerned of our problems and interests and continue our cooperation.”