Charles Aznavour calls on Russin authorities to release Armenian businessman

World renowned chansonnier Charles Aznavour has expressed his concerns over the arrest of Armenian businessman and philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan. The singer has also called on Russia to change Hayrapetyan’s restraint considering his ill health.

Charles Aznavour has met Levon Hayrapetyan many times and hails the philanthropist’s activities aimed at developing Artsakh and Armenia, Artsakh Today reports.

Levon Hayrapetyan, a native of Karabakh known for his investments and charity projects in his homeland, was detained in Moscow last week over alleged links with a notorious Russian criminal gang. Russian media immediately reported that Hayrapetyan is suspected of ‘illegal financial machinations’ in an oil company purchase deal.

Hayrapetyan is expected to be officially charged on July 24.